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Ode to mans/womans best friend

'Those of us who surround ourselves with lives more temporary than our own live, within a fragile circle that is easily and often breached. Yet knowing this, we still would choose to live no other way.'

Below are some of the many reasons why hydrotherapy and physiotherapy are so beneficial for your dog

- increases the blood circulation which then promotes faster healing

- reduces pain in degenerative joints

- reduces the loading on damaged or healing joints caused by normal activity

- can allow earlier exercise after surgery

- reduces the chance of injury due to wear and tear

- maintains range of movement and can increases it

- increases muscle tone after damage or injury

- reduces muscle tension and spasm

- helps to return movement to damage limbs

- helps weight loss

- increases muscle and tendon strength due to more resistance than in the air

- increases soft tissue flexibility

- increases cardio-vascular fitness and endurance

- helps reduce oedema (swelling due to fluid in the tissues)

- helps prevent muscle atrophy

- helps return your dog to normal after surgery, injury or disorder

There are many reasons to give your dog hydrotherapy, some are listed below.

Also, hydrotherapy  is a great way for your dog to exercise.

hip dysplasia


weight loss

pre surgery

post surgery

cruciate repair


after whelping

older dog mobility

increased fitness

increased circulation

rescue/puppy dog confidence

spinal conditions

muscle tears

tendon ruptures

ligament damage

abnormal skeletal growth


and many more

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