"splashy-pups-hydrotherapy" and "fit four paws" physiotherapy

Canine Hydrotherapy Association and IAAT Physiotherapy clinic

Sheffield's "Canine


Association" Clinic

Fully approved and registered with the CHA and

"International Association of Animal Therapists"

All treatments and therapies are carried out with pride and care by a fully qualified animal physiotherapist and hydrotherapist

Covid Restrictions

Please note I will be operating under GOV guidelines at all times.

Face coverings must be worn while on the premises

Please do not touch any equipment while on the premises

Please  maintain 2 meter social distancing at all times

 A full Risk Assessment is on view on the premises

Please do not attend any appointments if you are expericencing any Covid symptoms 

Please note all rooms within the premises are off limits except the treadmill area


Massage and physiotherapy courses

I hold courses at certain times of the year on massage, basic first aid and physiotherapy techniques for you to learn to carry out on your own dogs

Check on my Facebook page for course dates and how to book


Welcome to Muppets Canine Therapy

Hello, my name is Kate and let me introduce you to the caring world of Muppets Canine Therapy.

I have owned, trained and worked with dogs for the last 40 years.

Over the last 40 years I have also worked with many different animals from pigs to hamsters but i have always returned to dogs.

I love all dogs and everything about them and wish that I can do all in my power to help them remain healthy and have a good quality of life whether following surgery, to keep fit and prevent injury or simply to provide comfort in the final months from pain and discomfort.

I run a successful animal hydrotherapy and physiotherapy clinic, based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire.

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I have been open for over fifteen years providing water therapy and physiotherapy rehabilitation treatments for many different dogs and other animals in my hydro- treadmill, physiotherapy and massage clinic.

I run courses and workshops throughout the year open to owners and their dogs

I also run specific fitness sessions for active dogs and have worked with many fly-ball clubs and agility handlers. These sessions are designed to improved ability and fitness, help to prevent injury and re-habilitate injured competition dogs back to competing. I am a fully qualified animal physiotherapist and a member of the International Association of Animal Therapists.

I operate under the strict guidelines of the "Canine Hydrotherapy Association". This means that I am trained specifically in Canine Hydrotherapy, hold a level three Hydrotherapist qualification and the Hydrotherapy centre has to be run in a controlled and professional way, regarding water quality, health and safety and care of your dog.

I am also a professional dog trainer and behaviourist so I understand the needs of nervous and fearful dogs, especially those who feel pain from their conditions.

I am fully qualified in

Thermology scanning

Animal Physiotherapy

Small animal Anatomy and Physiology

Hydrotherapy for small animals

Small animal Re-habilative soft tissue repair

Thermology scanning

Small animal first aid

Canine Nutrition

Pool water management

Hydro-treadmill use

Clinical conditions in Hydrotherapy

The use of the Aquatic Treadmill

Sports and Remedial Massage Therapy

Basic rehabilitation Massage

Small animal acupressure

Veterinary Assistant

Canine Behaviour

Canine obedience training

Agility training

Human first aid.

I train new members in the Hydrotherapy association in the practical methods of hydrotherapy, give lectures in canine massage, injury prevention, nutrition, common disorders and pre and post competition warm up (working, fly-ball and agility dogs) and run a very successful obedience and agility club.

I have a Veterinary surgeon and a Veterinary nurse on call at all times.

As I am a full member of the CHA, most pet insurance companies will be very happy to pay out for your dogs treatment. Please note, many pet insurance companies will ask for proof that your chosen hydrotherapy centre is approved by the CHA, so please contact them for more details.

I am a full member of the International Association of Animal Therapists

Canine hydrotherapy is a safe way for your dog to receive rehabilitation therapy for damaged joints, muscles and ligaments.

The hydro-treadmill has a different effect on the dog than the pool. The dog enters the treadmill and the doors are secured behind him. I will be inside the treadmill with your dog as well to help them relax. Water then fills the treadmill to the desired level and once this is reached I will start the moving belt at the base of the treadmill.

The moving belt has a drawing action on the dogs legs and encourages them to walk through the water. This has the effect of improving gait, increasing muscle tone, increasing the tone of supportive muscles, increasing cardio-vascular fitness. It is harder work then the pool as the dog has to stride out so it is very effective in the later stages of rehabilitation and can also help a great deal with dogs who have older injuries and who tend to short stride or who have muscle wastage.

Show, sporting and working dogs can also benefit from the workout and indeed these treadmills are used a lot by greyhound owners, agility and fly-ball competitors.